TAQA and Emirates Steel Partner to Produce Green Iron

TAQA and Emirates Steel Partner to Produce Green Iron
Source: GCC Business News

The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) signed an MoU with Emirates Steel to begin producing green iron. The project entails the development of a large green hydrogen project to enable the green iron industry for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The M0U was signed by Jassim Hussain Thabet, CEO of the group and CEO of TAQA, and Saeed Ghamran Al Rumaithi, CEO of Emirates Steel. It states that TAQA and Emirates Steel will use green hydrogen to optimize clean steel production levels. The hydrogen will help in manufacturing green and low carbon steel and save energy while creating a sustainable and clean production

Jasim Husain TAQA’s CEO says, “TAQA is setting out to become a recognized champion of low carbon power and water, and this partnership with Emirates Steel leverages our combined expertise to lower the overall cost of production as well as reducing carbon emissions. Finding commercially viable industrial-scale solutions like this is key to unlocking the potential of green hydrogen as an emerging clean energy source.”

The Memorandum of Understanding sets the appropriate framework for expanding project design to meet the anticipated growth in global demand for low-carbon steel, which is one of the innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the industrial, construction, and construction sectors. transport and in other sectors.

“The production of green steel through a sustainable and clean manufacturing process based on green hydrogen supports Emirates Steel’s efforts to preserve the environment and its natural resources. Emirates Steel is a member of the world steel Climate Action Program, highlighting that the company is the first steel manufacturer in the region and one of the first 50 companies in the world to be verified for LEED documentation,” Mr. Al Remeithi commented.

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