Twitter is adding an edit button later this month

Twitter is adding an edit button later this month
Image Credits: Nerdist

In by popular demand, Twitter is finally adding an edit button, the most requested feature on Twitter to date, later this month to Twitter Blue, which is currently available only in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.

Users of the edit button will get a 30-minute window to amend their tweets. A label will also be added showing a timestamp of modification. People reading the tweet can tap the label to view the editing history of the tweet.

In a blog post, the company said: “With Edit Tweet, we’re hoping to make Tweeting easier and more approachable, giving people more choice and control in how they express themselves and how they contribute to the many conversations happening on Twitter.”

They further added that the purpose of the Edit button is to “give people a short period of time to fix things like typos, add missed tags, and more,” although there is no restriction to what a user chooses to modify in a tweet. 

Twitter Blue users already have access to an “Undo Tweet” feature, which gives them a 30-second window to cancel posting a tweet.

The addition of an Edit feature to Twitter may have a lot of implications on matters of ownership, especially when used in news reporting. Now, publishers will be largely responsible for tracking if a statement said in a tweet has been changed since running it. Regulators may also look at an edited tweet as a violation of a country’s laws.

Twitter is currently monitoring how a small group of paid users are using, or misusing, the new feature to enhance the functionality accordingly. The company explained: “Since this is our most requested feature to date, we want to make sure we get it right.” 

Based on the outcomes of that test, Twitter may or may not release the feature more widely.

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