UNDP and Japan to implement solar power stations in Rural Egypt

UNDP and Japan to implement solar power stations in Rural Egypt

UNDP, The United Nations Development Programme, has partnered with the Japanese government to launch a new project to promote small-scale innovative photovoltaic (PV) systems in Egypt. The UNDP-Japanese initiative is part of a broader strategy to support Egypt’s energy transition and help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on tackling climate change.

The initiative will accelerate and scale up the implementation of pilot projects for innovative small-scale photovoltaic applications and technologies for electricity generation in support of the new National Climate Change Strategy and towards achieving the targets set in Egypt’s National Determined Contributions (NDCs) Report launched in July 2022. 

The project which is funded by the Government of Japan will introduce brand new PV applications, including Building Integrated PV (BIPV) systems piloted in the New Administrative Capital and PV systems for middle-income housing in Egypt.

The applications will also include introducing PV systems to rural Egypt in pilot villages of the Presidential Initiative “Haya Karima” (Decent Life) coupled with modern electricity storage capacities.

The project will contribute to reducing Egypt’s greenhouse gas emissions, improving access to clean energy, boosting local economic development, and reducing consumption of fossil fuels as a strategic target announced last week by the Government of Egypt.

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