UAE’s Uniphore acquires AI-powered knowledge automation solution Colabo

UAE’s Uniphore acquires AI-powered knowledge automation solution Colabo

Uniphore, acquired Colabo, an AI-powered knowledge automation solution that specializes in extracting and utilizing information from structured and unstructured documents in real time.

Colabo’s solution integrated into Uniphore’s conversational automation platform, enterprises will be able to leverage AI to extract knowledge entities and graphs from structured and unstructured data. This ultimately helps ensure the most relevant content and next-best action are delivered to IVAs and live agents, for significantly better customer interactions.

“Simply put, consumers today expect access to up-to-date information to solve their problems and contact centers can provide better experiences with the latest technologies that do exactly that. This acquisition brings together unique capabilities to arm enterprises with new tools that provide a quick resolution to consumer queries and empower agents with real-time, actionable information,” Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore, said.

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