WAYA Book Club: Dina El-Mofty, Founder of Injaz Egypt

WAYA Book Club: Dina El-Mofty,  Founder of Injaz Egypt

Dina El-Mofty shares her recommendation for this week’s book club. The four books she chose are focused on self-development. El-Mofty founded INJAZ Egypt, a nonprofit organization that is centered on empowering youth, entrepreneurs and young people through education. She has just announced her partnership with Mindvalley in a bid to teach youths the soft skills they need to succeed. El-Mofty believes in the necessity of spreading the culture of entrepreneurship in Egypt and the Arab world, as this is a means to achieve a better future for the community as a whole.

Here are the books that she recommends:

The Code of The Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

This book deals with the philosophy of life and the power of positive thinking. The book is presented as series of laws that is presented by the Founder of the personal development platform Mindvalley. Lakhiani comes us with ten practical rules for living a better life.

The Surrender Experiment – Michael A. Singer

In this book, Michael Singer traces his spiritual journey to a state of lasting happiness, by presenting his personal experiences from his work as a communications engineer to discovering his passion for philosophy and meditation.

Atomic Habits – James Clear

In this book, James Clear shares his comprehensive guide to creating and maintaining constructive and positive habits by doing the smallest simple adjustments in behavior that contribute to the development of our awareness. His guide is supposed to help readers get rid of negative habits that may not affect us in the present moment, but actually affect the course and quality of our own life in the long run.

You Are the Placebo -Joe Dispenza

Dispenza focuses on the importance of thoughts and their impact on the physical condition of the human being. He cites stories of real people who went through experienced very bad health problems and were able to recover only because they believed in their ability to do so.

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