Cairo-based Harmonica Rebrands to Hawaya

The announcement follows Match Group acquiring Hawaya in August 2019.
Cairo-based Harmonica Rebrands to Hawaya
The rebranding will not affect existing customers of Harmonica.

Cairo-based matchmaking app Harmonica announced that it has rebranded itself as Hawaya. The new name is inspired by the word “Hawa” which means “Love” in Arabic, and better representing the brand’s values and connection with the Muslim culture, the company revealed in a statement.

Hawaya was founded in April 2017 by Sameh Saleh, Tamer Saleh, Aly Khaled, and Shaymaa Ali, in an effort to improve the matchmaking process.

Hawaya’s rebrand follows the announcement in August 2019 that Match Group, a global dating portfolio company, had acquired Hawaya as part of Match Group’s mission to delve into the Muslim demographic.


The rebrand follows the release of the app’s latest update, which introduces new features including selfie verification, an option to give access to a guardian, optional photo blurring for females, and enabling them to add more detailed hobbies and interests.

“Rebranding ourselves as Hawaya more clearly presents our mission, which is to help users find their soulmates with respect for Islamic values, culture, and intentions,” Hawaya CEO Sameh Saleh said. “We’re thrilled to also offer new innovative features to enhance the app experience and further demonstrate our commitment to a safe and positive experience for all of our users.”  

Hawaya’s logo reflects the bond that marriage represents within the Islamic tradition. The letter “H” logo is comprised of an index finger and a middle finger, with a heart in between that connects the two. It represents the joining of two beings through marriage, who together become a much stronger force.

The rebranding will not affect existing customers of Harmonica.

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