“There’s An App For That?” – Pet Health and Matchmaking

Cairo-based startup VetCode is simplifying pet healthcare.
“There’s An App For That?” –  Pet Health and Matchmaking

Apps have made life much easier, and now that convenience extends to pets, too. Founded in 2018 by Ahmed AlBadawy and Ahmed Maher, VetCode is a mobile application that enables users to request veterinary care, social care and training services for their pets.

VetCode allows pet owners to easily request veterinary services for their dogs or cats right at home. This includes vaccinations, diagnosis, treatment, 24/7 emergency care, follow-ups, and more at the touch of a button. Additionally, the app’s marketplace allows users to buy, sell or adopt pets easily, in addition to breed matchmaking, and services to search for lost animals.


VetCode is currently available in 12 cities throughout Egypt, with over 200 veterinary clinics on their network and over 40,000 active users.

“The most important feature that we have is that all services are provided by service providers with a strong scientific background – it’s not just someone random who has a bit of knowledge on animals.”

Ahmed AlBadawy, Founder & CEO, VetCode

In December 2018, the pet care startup raised seed funding, and the investment came from Pmaestro, a Cairo-based technology company that helps startups with consultancy services in different areas and also invests in them. In a conversation with MENAbytes, about their decision to invest in the startup, Mohammed Mounir Al-Ahwal, Managing Director at Pmaestro said, “VetCode is a unique pet care digital provider. It’s a one stop shop for pet owners that meets our qualification criteria of unique team, customer centric, good idea, having started the operations and some traction. We believe that together we will conquer the pet care digital market in the region and then expand globally.”

The startup has since used the investment to expand and scale their operations and have activated their fourth service of veterinary home care, in addition to expanding geographically in Egypt. Soon enough, VetCode plans to expand their veterinary care services to cover exotic animal health and marine life health.

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