Dubai’s IFC partners with London-based EdAid’s Funding Platform

Dubai’s IFC partners with London-based EdAid’s Funding Platform

The DIFC Academy, which is part of Dubai’s International Financial Centre, has recently partnered with London-based FinTech platform EdAid. The partnership between DIFC Academy and EdAid aims to establish an independent University campus and a physical co-working, co-study space for students (citizens and residents) enrolled in world-class online education courses.

As an initiative that aims to support UAE’s 2021 vision for a competitive knowledge economy through upskilling the local workforce and building a sustainable enterprise, EdAid marks the fourth investment pursued by the academy beside three specialized institutions in finance, law, and management.

Through an integrative learning platform, students can apply to over 400 online programs offered from great nonprofit universities and upon acceptance, receive access to the Future Campus. Additionally, networking with numerous colleges would be possible in the platform’s skill-building workshops and bootcamps. Such opportunities are provided through the software company, 2U, a leader in international EdTech, and programs will focus on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Computer Programming, and Financial Technology. Furthermore, EdAid and DIFC Academy are promising career services in counseling and guidance, including internships and job placements in more than 2500 companies in Dubai’s International Financial Centre.   

Alya Al Zarouni, Executive Vice President of Operations at DIFC and the head of the academy, said the following in a press release: “DIFC is committed to shaping the future of finance through collaboration, innovation, and technology. The Future Campus will become part of the DIFC Academy and will accelerate the country’s economic growth by developing much-needed local talent.”

Tom Woolf, Founder & CEO of EdAid said: “providing affordable access to high-quality online education and driving life-changing outcomes are everything to us at EdAid.”

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