Egypt’s O7 Therapy partners with Kuwait’s Boubyan Takaful Insurance

Egypt’s O7 Therapy partners with Kuwait’s Boubyan Takaful Insurance

Boubyan Takaful Insurance company in Kuwait introduces therapy and mental health services as part of its insurance plans, after partnership with Egypt’s O7 Therapy.

While Boubyan Takaful is an insurance Company and a member of the Boubyan Bank Group in Kuwait, O7 Therapy is Egypt’s first online platform dedicated to therapy and specialized mental health researching.

This introduction of mental health services as part of insurance plans is considered the first of its kind, since therapy fees are usually not put into consideration by insurance authorities in the MENA region.

“Insurance companies in Kuwait face several challenges regarding providing a policy for psychological treatments. These challenges include providing confidentiality and security for service recipients, as well as the ability to set prices that are reasonable for psychological treatment services. This sparked the idea of ​partnering with O7 Therapy, which added a new meaning for online psychological treatment and care,” said Ibrahim Al Khazam, CEO of Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company.

It is worth mentioning that this partnership follows Boubyan’s recent campaign “Boubyan Mental Health Awareness Initiative” which advocated for allowing individuals to address their psychological pressures openly without shaming them.

“All of these factors have led O7 Therapy and Boubyan to agree on one vision, which is that mental health is not a luxury, but a right for everyone.” said their joint press release.

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