Egypt launches an initiative to support and develop its entrepreneurial ecosystem

Egypt launches an initiative to support and develop its entrepreneurial ecosystem

Entlaq and the World Youth Forum (WYF) will be implementing an initiative with the Egyptian government to support and develop the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem in partnership with UNDP, ILO, UNIDO, Ebdaa, Hayah Karima, and the Federation of Egyptian industries.

The initiative’s objectives are to: enhance the Egyptian entrepreneurship ecosystem by reaching young minds in all governorates, attracting more investments to Egyptian Startups, closing the gap between entrepreneurs and decision-makers, providing entrepreneurs with the needed consultancy to scale up their businesses, and enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship among Egyptians.

Mohamed Ehab, Executive Director of Entlaq, reviewed the goals and themes of the Entrepreneurship Support Initiative and expressed his pride in cooperating with the World Youth Forum and representing that sector that has achieved global success stories, and that this support for the Egyptian entrepreneurial climate was like a dream. Now it is being realized, which will help young people to implement Their innovative ideas to achieve economic development for the Egyptian state.

Entlaq was founded in 2022 and it aims to uplift the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem with the goal to make Egypt a regional Hub for startups. Entlaq offers entrepreneurs a promising accelerator program, consultancy in all government-related aspects to sustain their businesses, and a VC that will invest in high-potential startups.

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