Ford Buys School Supplies for SWVL Captains’ Children

Ford will donate $40,000 to the Egyptian Association for Educational Resources to provide for 1,000 children.
Ford Buys School Supplies for SWVL Captains’ Children

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ford Motor Company has dedicated considerable resources to assist global communities and humanitarian organisations involved in helping the most vulnerable members of our society.

As part of its partnership with Cairo-based ride-sharing service SWVL, Ford Motor Company Fund – the philanthropic arm of Ford – has extended its community support by donating $40,000 (EGP 600,000) to the Egyptian Association for Educational Resources (E-ERA) – an organization that promotes children’s education and provides a variety of programs and activities to develop the students’ characters and leadership skills. 

Achraf El Boustani, Managing Director for Ford Africa – Direct Markets, said, “This year has been especially hard on families whose breadwinners work in jobs affected by home quarantine as well as on non-profit organisations that do exceptional work to assist communities across the region.”

“While enduring the COVID-19 lockdown, these humanitarian organisations have had the additional responsibility of caring for the most vulnerable families. This donation will be used to enhance our efforts to protect children coming back to school. We have been truly inspired by the work that E-ERA does, and trust that the EGP 600,000 donation will help them support the children in these fragile communities.”

The Ford and SWVL initiative will provide children of SWVL captains with necessary school supplies and sanitation kits, reducing the cost burden on parents who are already under financial pressure:

  • Provide 1,000 children of SWVL captains with school supplies
  • Protect the children by providing a set of prevention tools to protect them inside the classroom and prevent them from transmitting coronavirus
  • Motivate the children to succeed and excel in school

“We have seen the power of collaboration come to life, and we are delighted to always keep stepping up to take care of the rights of our children during the global pandemic. We are grateful for our shared vision and commitment that has led to this partnership with Ford.”

Mostafa Kandil, CEO, SWVL

“This initiative aims to take care of the SWVL captains as they have always taken care of SWVL customers, encouraging and raising their morale by removing extra strains and burdens and allowing them to focus on their work while being assured that their families are taken care of and protected. We will continue to support our captains throughout these tough times as they are our everyday heroes, transporting thousands of people, on a daily basis, to wherever they need to go.”

Ford Motor Company has a long legacy of community upliftment and empowerment and providing resources for those who need it most. Each year, the Ford Motor Company Fund provides grants to nominated NGOs as part of the annual Ford Global Caring Month.

Tarek Abdullatif, Managing Director of Ford-AutoJameel, said, “This crisis has shown us how social responsibility is important to support communities, especially those who have been hit hard by the pandemic. Today’s initiative reaffirms Ford’s commitment to supporting and assisting fragile communities to help work through this pandemic together, and we’re proud that we’re able to help where it’s most needed.”

Dalia Khalil, Chairman of E-ERA, said, “We are humbled and honoured by the effective partnership with both Ford and SWVL in Egypt. Since its founding in 2005, E-ERA has served thousands of youth and their stakeholders through education, development, and leadership opportunities. Through this project, Egyptian youth will get firsthand experience of how corporate and community partners can collaborate and progress for a common cause to serve its citizens. Although the pandemic has slowed down economic activities across borders and around the globe, it did not affect the passion of service.”

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