Ride-Hailing Platform IntiGo Accuses Taxi Drivers of Assualt

Ride-Hailing Platform IntiGo Accuses Taxi Drivers of Assualt

On July 14, IntiGo co-founder, Bassem Bouguerra, stated that the members of the Tunisian Union of Individual Taxis hijacked and damaged four of IntiGo’s vehicles. According to Bouguerra, the taxi owners assaulted the drivers of the four cars and closed the road.

Fawzi Al-Khboushi, Secretary-General of the Tunisian Union of Individual Taxis, has stated that some companies have been transporting people illegally. He insists that these companies are circumventing the law by using car rental companies to transfer taxi customers without obtaining the necessary licenses to do this. The Taxi Union has been vocal about their disapproval of IntiGo since it launched in December 2019.

Al Khboushi added that the Ministry of Transport did not authorize these people to work in the transport of passengers.

 IntiGo was founded by Bassem Bouguerra and Nebil Jridet to tackle the transportation problem in Tunisia. IntiGo is a bike taxi startup that allows users to book bike rides in Tunisia that are 20-30% cheaper than a regular taxi. In the first month after its launch, it provided over 11,000 rides using a small fleet of 50 scooters.

The startup raised over $300,000 in funding from angel investors in February.

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