Pawsket App: One-Stop-Shop for Pet Care Products

Pawsket App: One-Stop-Shop for Pet Care Products
Source: Pawsket

Launching in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in December 2019, this homegrown app came just in time to allow pet guardians to purchase their pets’ needs without having to go to the grocery store and risk contracting the virus. Pawsket is an app-based marketplace offering for pet guardians everything they need; from wet and dry food to perfume and animal-specific medicine. 

We launched a #stayhome promo code in March that got around 2,000 users to participate, which we consider a success.Eslam Ali, CEO, Pawsket 

Egypt is the biggest spender on domesticated animals in the Middle East, and in spite of that it’s an underserved market. Ali and his co-founders found this market gap and decided to capitalize on it. They even added features the market doesn’t know about yet. The most recent feature Pawsket offers is “Autoship;” an option that allows clients to automatically order a particular selection of products every month or anytime they choose.

Moreover, in an effort to encourage people to rescue more animals from the evils of the street, Pawsket has cultivated a community of animal rescuers and supports them with advice and connecting them to the right resources. The pet care marketplace also activates occasional promo codes to encourage saving stray cats and dogs.

In just six months, the app has over 25,000 active users making on average 3,000 orders per month. The team has grown to be more than 20 members.

Almost all of the team has pets. They work on a service they themselves receive as pet owners. So, they always take the side of the customers, not the company and that is what makes us provide an experience that the users look for.Eslam Ali, CEO, Pawsket 

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