Stllr Academy launches first-ever NFT marketing course in the MENA region

Stllr Academy launches first-ever NFT marketing course in the MENA region

Stllr Academy, an online marketing school under the umbrella of Stllr Network, has announced the launch of an NFT marketing course, marking the first-ever initiative of its kind in the MENA region. 

Teaching the course are the co-founders of KoreNFT, one of the region’s first NFT projects based around a set of rare keys that open up collaboration opportunities across the MENA region. In the course, co-founders Tarek Attia and Ahmed Bassiouni will dive into the basics of NFT marketing, and explore several relevant topics including how to buy land in the metaverse, how to analyze the performance of your NFTs, how play-to-earn models work, how to invest in NFTs, and how to avoid scams in this new and challenging space. 

Launched in December 2021, Stllr Network – a marketing platform providing instant access to vetted marking experts and teams – matches e-commerce stores, high potential startups, and corporates with more than 330 vetted professionals who share complementary skills in social media, design, SEO, and content. Stllr Network also provides automation of marketing requests, making marketing central and collaborative, when outsourced.

True to its mission, Stllr Network’s beta network has been providing over 1,000 hours of marketing services across Egypt and GCC every month. Nono Ghannam, Founder & CEO of Stllr Network, explains: “We have a different style in the region when it comes to working as a team, working with multiple people, and building something bigger than ourselves […]. The dream was to create a marketing academy to put the MENA region back on the map when it comes to global innovation, global ideas, and creative ideas – ideas that revolutionize and change the world.” This is how the idea of Stllr Academy came to life.

Stllr Academy’s innovative, webinar-style of teaching puts it on the map as one of the fastest-growing educational initiatives in the region. In response to the growing demand, Mariam Tag, Academy Product Manager says “the Academy addresses the supply shortage of quality marketing experts across the MENA region by building marketers’ capacities through online courses.” Ghannam elaborates: “We want to provide our students with access to opportunities to work through Stllr Network, and see how they can influence companies in the region.” 

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