Zedny: The Arabic Edtech Platform

Zedny: The Arabic Edtech Platform

Zedny is an edtech platform that provides educational content in the Arabic language for individuals and companies. Mohamed al Baz and Basil Khattab launched the startup in Egypt this year. Users can develop practical, personal and digital skills for the business or as general knowledge through the platform. Additionally, they can get support, advice and guidance to help them while career-hunting or climbing the corporate ladder.

Basil Khattab, co-founder of Zidny, says, “Zedny is considered the largest library for education and development in the Arabic language. It offers a variety of content from training courses and book summaries in Arabic for bestsellers.”

The idea came to Muhammad Yusef Al-Baz, co-founder and chairman of Zedny, several years ago. He worked with Khattab to prepare for the platform’s launch for two years. The co-founders’ belief that there is a necessity for companies and institutions to explore modern solutions for education and development fueled the project. They think that in order to increase productivity and efficiency in the workforce they need to keep employees learning. Actively engaged workers achieve growth in earnings per share of 2.6 times more than their non-engaged counterparts. On top of that, integrated training programs lead to an increase in the return behind each employee by 218%.

The platform contains over than 200 online training courses and 400 video graphics, summarizing global bestsellers in various business fields.

Through the platform, users can embark on their own learning and development journey. Zedny tackles behavioral, social, and practical knowledge, as well as basic knowledge and digital skills in the business world in order to broaden users’ horizons. Consequently, the productivity of these institutions increases and the performance of their employees improves. Online learning improves the trainees’ understanding of information five times better per hour of training, according to research.

“The content on Zedny is unique and doesn’t only consist of courses and videos. We tried to make the educational process enjoyable for the user, and we are constantly improving the product,” said Muhammad Al-Jabali, Vice President of Business Development.

The startup raised $1.2 million in seed funding round earlier this year.

Khattab believes that digital transformation is necessary for all sectors, especially education since more and more people are turning to online learning.

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