BeReal goes down for several hours, refuses to explain

BeReal goes down for several hours, refuses to explain
Image Credits: BeReal

BeReal went down for several hours yesterday, which the company acknowledged with a succinct tweet, “yup, we’re on it.”

Users, who had been posting about their outage experience on the #BeRealDown hashtag, couldn’t find any further explanation in the tweet’s replies, or get information on how widespread the outage was. 

This sparked some users to comment about how the BeReal app ‘refuses to be real.’

Others started to wonder if the company would react in the same way in the event of a major hack or breach.

BeReal was also largely quiet when reached for comment by several newspapers, true to its reputation of not being communicative with press. To date, the company has been unwilling to meet for on-the-record interviews, only off-the-record briefings.

A few hours later, the company tweeted: “all good now ;)”, marking the issue as resolved.

With nearly 46 million installs, the app is the third from the top on the U.S. iPhone App Store’s non-game charts — having only temporarily lost its top spot to widget creation apps following the launch of iOS 16.

Recently, TikTok launched TikTok Now to U.S. users, a feature similar to BeReal that gives users a daily prompt to capture a 10-second video or a static photo from both of their front and back cameras. 

The feature was met with instant success, and a few days later, TikTok re-released TikTok Now as a standalone app to global users outside the U.S.

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